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Beating Burnout With Balance

Beautiful image of stones balancing

Hello Exquisite Women, It’s time to look at our life and see if we are in balance. We tend to start off the beginning of the year by creating New Years resolutions or by setting goals. We put so much pressure on ourselves to: lose weight, become more organized, break old habits etc. Did you

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Private Session Program Offer

Hi Exquisite Women! I want to let you know about a special offer I am running until December 31st for my Private Session Program. You get to choose from my menu of Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, RET or Spiritual Counseling. When you purchase a package of 12 hours (6-8 sessions) you will receive a FREE Voyager

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Fountain Of Youth

Hello Beautiful Women, Everyone has heard of the Fountain of Youth (check out my “Fountain Of Youth CD Journey”)…what does it mean to you to be ageless? How can we create the fountain of youth in our life? Well… to me it starts with our state of mind. I have a wonderful role model, my

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Enhance Your Energy

Hello Exquisite Women, We all could use more energy, right? I have never heard even one of my client say they couldn’t use a little more energy. Most of my clients are not sleeping well or stay up too late. This is a huge contributor to their low energy level. I understand this challenge myself.

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What Is Your Body Telling You?

Do You Listen to your body? I never heard that concept until several years ago. But I soon realized that my body has been trying to communicate with me for years; I just didn’t recognize its signals! My jaw has been tight for years, and my shoulders as tight as a drum. I had no

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The Power Of Affirmations ~ Change Your Mind Change Your Life!

You know the saying that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” Using affirmations to re-pattern  the subconscious mind is a powerful tool.What is an affirmation? Well, Louise Hay was and is a pioneer and trailblazer when it comes to affirmations. She believes that what we

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Self-Care for Women

By Angela Ann Holloway Care for Women is imperative as they constantly put everyone else first, and suffer because they come last. Here is an outline of what IS and IS NOT self care. Whether you are single or married, a career women or at home, I can guarantee with a fair amount of certainty, that

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Painting Your Way to Stress Free

take loving care stress relief

Do you like to paint, sketch, or draw? Where you are good at it or not, it is a very good stress buster! According the Journal of Nursing Scholarship reports, creating artwork soothed the nerves of people who had one of the most stressful responsibilities  imaginable—-caring for a sick loved one. The secret?  The rhythmic brushstrokes lift

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Heartfelt Thanks-Take Loving Care

Whether you’re making a special meal for your family, bringing soup to a sick neighbor or offering a surprise hug, those kindnesses will be even more memorable and appreciated if you simply say “I’m doing this because I care about you!” Knowing your thoughtfulness is heartfelt actually makes the meal taste more delicious, the soup

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Do you want to retrain your mind?

A NASA study on astronauts shows that it takes approximately 26 to 30 days of daily mental re-training for the subconscious mind to accept any new data as fact. In that study, astronauts were fitted 24/7 with goggles that inverted their visual field, turning their entire world upside down. To monitor the stress of constant

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