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A Wealth of Success

A Wealth of Success Ellen was a high level administrator. Her career was in municipal government. She spent seven years as Town Administrator and really enjoyed the challenges and rewards that came with it. The opportunity came to move to a warmer part of the country and so she accepted a job as a City

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The Power of Color

Color wheel with healing description

I always found color theory interesting in school. It always amazed me how you could mix the primary colors of red & blue and make purple or blue & yellow and get green or yellow & red to make orange. Then you have the secondary colors, which are the colors in between the primary colors

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Self-Care for Women

By Angela Ann Holloway Care for Women is imperative as they constantly put everyone else first, and suffer because they come last. Here is an outline of what IS and IS NOT self care. Whether you are single or married, a career women or at home, I can guarantee with a fair amount of certainty, that

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