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Fountain Of Youth

Hello Beautiful Women, Everyone has heard of the Fountain of Youth (check out my “Fountain Of Youth CD Journey”)…what does it mean to you to be ageless? How can we create the fountain of youth in our life? Well… to me it starts with our state of mind. I have a wonderful role model, my

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Sereni~tea Time!

Hi Exquisite Women, How are you this lovely day? We all can use a little afternoon Sereni-tea time. I have a treat for you. It is a 2 minute guided Sereni-tea break. After you read through this information, look for the recording toward the bottom of this post. I would love your feed back as

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What Is Your Body Telling You?

Do You Listen to your body? I never heard that concept until several years ago. But I soon realized that my body has been trying to communicate with me for years; I just didn’t recognize its signals! My jaw has been tight for years, and my shoulders as tight as a drum. I had no

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Exquisite Self-Care ~ Creating Me Time!

Exquisite self-care is intentional self-care, which is also known as self-love. You know the saying “looking for love in all the wrong places?”  Well,  as women, we tend to look for love from others. Being in a loving relationship is wonderful, but ultimately, we must learn to love ourselves and be our own best friend.

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Heartfelt Thanks-Take Loving Care

Whether you’re making a special meal for your family, bringing soup to a sick neighbor or offering a surprise hug, those kindnesses will be even more memorable and appreciated if you simply say “I’m doing this because I care about you!” Knowing your thoughtfulness is heartfelt actually makes the meal taste more delicious, the soup

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Find Your Sanctuary

You are a magnificent person!. Of all the billions of people on the planet, there is not another YOU! So be sure to take care of yourself , mentally, physically & emotionally. When you relax you let go of resistance, and you are in harmony with what is supposed to be. So RELAX. Self-forgiveness is

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Are You Depleted?

Our vision at Take Loving Care is to support and empower women to love & nurture themselves. By offering information and resources  to create exquisite self care. So many women are running on empty, we are depleted. We tend to give to our families, our friends, our careers, our community… and then we have nothing left for ourselves. We deplete ourselves

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Living in Calmness

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How would you like to live in calmness with a since of deep relaxation? It’s about slowing down and finding that peace within. When you are peaceful the world around of you can be crazy and you will feel calm and relaxed. What if you could get relief from being triggered? Wouldn’t it be great

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It’s Time For Bed!

Can you remember as a child when your mother said it was time to go to bed? How did you feel? Children usually don’t want to go to bed because they are afraid they will miss out on something? Awe those were the good old days? Our parents knew how important was for us to

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Making A Difference, One Heart At A Time!

I found a great coaching tool that is affordable and covers every area of your life! “My passion is to Inspire and Empower you to make music” in all areas of your life, in order to create Happiness, Balance and Wellbeing! We are a nation which is multi-tasking ourselves to death & we tend to be running on

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