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Love is all Around Us

Love Is All Around You

Are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day with anticipation, basking in all the love that surrounds you? Do you know how much you are LOVED? Or maybe you are dreading it, convinced that it’s a day created just to feel bad about yourself. Do you ever feel that everyone else has an abundance of love

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Private Session Program Offer

Hi Exquisite Women! I want to let you know about a special offer I am running until December 31st for my Private Session Program. You get to choose from my menu of Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, RET or Spiritual Counseling. When you purchase a package of 12 hours (6-8 sessions) you will receive a FREE Voyager

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Fountain Of Youth

Hello Beautiful Women, Everyone has heard of the Fountain of Youth (check out my “Fountain Of Youth CD Journey”)…what does it mean to you to be ageless? How can we create the fountain of youth in our life? Well… to me it starts with our state of mind. I have a wonderful role model, my

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Self-Care for Women

By Angela Ann Holloway Care for Women is imperative as they constantly put everyone else first, and suffer because they come last. Here is an outline of what IS and IS NOT self care. Whether you are single or married, a career women or at home, I can guarantee with a fair amount of certainty, that

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Do you want to retrain your mind?

A NASA study on astronauts shows that it takes approximately 26 to 30 days of daily mental re-training for the subconscious mind to accept any new data as fact. In that study, astronauts were fitted 24/7 with goggles that inverted their visual field, turning their entire world upside down. To monitor the stress of constant

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Are You Stuck?

What keeps most people stuck? It is the underlying assumption that we don’t have what we need. It is the idea that we’re missing something. We need more of everything – you name it, we need it: more time, money, energy, information, certainty, resources. Without these, we tell ourselves, we can’t do what we want to do. This perception that there is

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Living in Calmness

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How would you like to live in calmness with a since of deep relaxation? It’s about slowing down and finding that peace within. When you are peaceful the world around of you can be crazy and you will feel calm and relaxed. What if you could get relief from being triggered? Wouldn’t it be great

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What Gets Under Your Skin?

Can you let go of the little things that bother you throughout the day? All those small injustices you may feel? What happens if you don’t? Pretty soon the little things become big things. Many times we’re hurting ourselves more than the other person by holding onto our anger. Anxiety sets in, then maybe depression. Ask

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