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The Power of Intention

As the founder of NWHLI, I strive to walk my talk. I enjoy sharing information with you, which has improved my life. Hopefully it will improve yours as well. I would like to discuss the importance of setting your intention. Your thoughts affect your life whether you are aware of it or not. Whatever you

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A Wealth of Success

A Wealth of Success Ellen was a high level administrator. Her career was in municipal government. She spent seven years as Town Administrator and really enjoyed the challenges and rewards that came with it. The opportunity came to move to a warmer part of the country and so she accepted a job as a City

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Yoga for Weight Loss – Begin the Burn

[youtube 3BaLzD2hnJA . . . The rest of this article is for members only. Please log in or, if you aren’t already a member, get your FREE trial membership and start nurturing yourself.

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Private Session Program Offer

Hi Exquisite Women! I want to let you know about a special offer I am running until December 31st for my Private Session Program. You get to choose from my menu of Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, RET or Spiritual Counseling. When you purchase a package of 12 hours (6-8 sessions) you will receive a FREE Voyager

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Fountain Of Youth

Hello Beautiful Women, Everyone has heard of the Fountain of Youth (check out my “Fountain Of Youth CD Journey”)…what does it mean to you to be ageless? How can we create the fountain of youth in our life? Well… to me it starts with our state of mind. I have a wonderful role model, my

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Sereni~tea Time!

Hi Exquisite Women, How are you this lovely day? We all can use a little afternoon Sereni-tea time. I have a treat for you. It is a 2 minute guided Sereni-tea break. After you read through this information, look for the recording toward the bottom of this post. I would love your feed back as

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What Is Your Body Telling You?

Do You Listen to your body? I never heard that concept until several years ago. But I soon realized that my body has been trying to communicate with me for years; I just didn’t recognize its signals! My jaw has been tight for years, and my shoulders as tight as a drum. I had no

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