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Self-Love Nurturing Beach Retreat

  Well… here we are! It’s time for our annual 2014 Self-Love Nurturing Beach Retreat. We would love to have you join us! Check out our wonderful testimonials videos from our past students on the side bar of this site. If you have ever wanted to connect with like-minded women and discover how to shift

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Staying On The Happy New Year Track

January is a powerful time of the year to revaluate our lives. It’s a little like hitting the reset button. We are giving ourselves permission to look back at what we have achieved and what we would like to change or create for the New Year. The question is; how do we go about doing

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Transforming Your Stress

Transformation is exciting and healthy, but it can bring unwanted stress along with it. Change and growth often bring us to decisions we don’t want to make, people we don’t enjoy being with, too heavy of a workload and many other uncomfortable situations. The best way to reduce stress is to look at it objectively

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The Power of Intention

As the founder of NWHLI, I strive to walk my talk. I enjoy sharing information with you, which has improved my life. Hopefully it will improve yours as well. I would like to discuss the importance of setting your intention. Your thoughts affect your life whether you are aware of it or not. Whatever you

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A Wealth of Success

A Wealth of Success Ellen was a high level administrator. Her career was in municipal government. She spent seven years as Town Administrator and really enjoyed the challenges and rewards that came with it. The opportunity came to move to a warmer part of the country and so she accepted a job as a City

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Suited Souls

Suited Souls Is there really someone out there that is made ‘just for you’?  The idea of suited souls, twin souls, shared souls, or soul mates is an attractive one and is especially loved by the media. Romantic love sells. Greek philosophers and writers brought this concept to light thousands of years ago. But does

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Empower Me

Empower Me We are strong, healthy women who want to do it all, and do it all well. The good news is that we do not have to do it alone. There are tools. Empowering tools. Click on the image to read this empowerment card. A quick search on the internet will show you just

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Spring Cleaning From the Outside ~ In

Spring Cleaning From the INSIDE ~ OUT Many of us have all been busy with spring cleaning. We’ve been sorting, giving away and throwing out those things that we no longer want or need. Our world around us is feeling unfettered and clear. Just like our homes and offices felt sluggish and cluttered, our bodies

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Break Out!

Break Out! We human beings have a terrible habit. It is that we love habits. We fall into them so easily. And life seems so smooth when we don’t have to think about what we are doing, we just float along. But our habitual behavior may well be harming us. It could be stopping us

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Laughing At Our Limitations

Laughing At Our Limitations

Laughing At Our Limitations One of the best therapies for almost everything that ails us is very simple. It’s Laughter medicine! We can’t worry or feel stress while we are chortling away. We actually slip out of our conscious minds when we laugh. And when we finish, we feel positive, rested and happy. Laughter keeps

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