Transforming Your Stress

stressTransformation is exciting and healthy, but it can bring unwanted stress along with it. Change and growth often bring us to decisions we don’t want to make, people we don’t enjoy being with, too heavy of a workload and many other uncomfortable situations.

The best way to reduce stress is to look at it objectively and see what you need to do about it. Can you avoid the stress-causer? Is it necessary in your life? If so, can you change enough to adapt to it? Can you accept it? Or can you transform it with positive action?

With the holidays coming up the stress levels rise. Transforming stress is key this time of year. Your attitude has a profound effect on your well-being. If you think of something negative, your body fills with tension. The opposite is also true. Positive healthy thoughts relax your body and make you feel good. So simply changing the thoughts you have about a stressor can transform it, giving you a new perspective.

If there is a stress causing action that you can’t avoid, change your reaction to it. Visualize this change as a beneficial step, important in both the process and path of your life. Accepting things instead of suffering over them or trying uselessly to change them also alleviates a lot of stress. Just change your focus instead and transform negative stress into positive stress!

Learn to say NO to things that will not advance your personal life or your business. Many ‘offers’ are simply time and money wasters. Many valuable resources are squandered unnecessarily by the fear of saying no.

Many of us fall into the trap of saying “Oh, I’m so stressed out, “I have bills I just can’t pay and the holidays are around the corner” or I have deadlines I can’t meet”. If you find yourself thinking these thoughts, change them into affirmative action statements such as “I choose to feel love this holiday season” or “I have all the resources I need right now”.

By putting our attention on the positive instead of the negative, we can learn to treat our stress as a silly diversion that just drops in to visit once in a while to amuse us. Don’t invite it to stay!

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Remember To Be Gentle With Yourself!


Robin Hart

President & Founder

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