The Power of Intention

Aladdins Lamp with rainbow smoke_8818976As the founder of NWHLI, I strive to walk my talk. I enjoy sharing information with you, which has improved my life. Hopefully it will improve yours as well. I would like to discuss the importance of setting your intention. Your thoughts affect your life whether you are aware of it or not. Whatever you focus on or dwell on becomes your intention. So becoming aware of your powerful thoughts and feelings is crucial.  By deliberately directing your thoughts you are affecting your reality. They say every thought is a prayer.

I strive to remember to set my intention before any task I do. Now this isn’t easy, it takes practice… continual practice. There’s good news though it gets easier! It’s like exercising a muscle. You are creating a new habit, the habit of awareness. I have a wonderful tool to share with you. This process has taken my intention setting to another level. This comes from my NLP & RET training. My clients love it. It takes intention setting to a deep level, a body learning level.



* Quickly rub you hands together to get the energy flowing, then connect to your hearts desires.

* Take one hand, palm down toward the floor and move your hand in a large circle in front of you.

* NOW state your intentions out load as if you are creating a vortex in front of you. State them with passion see it, feel it and hear it. Then when you   have stated everything you want to bring into realization.

* JUMP into your circle and bend over and start patting it into your body, going all the way up your body to the head. As if your putting it on.

* Then put your hands on your heart and feel the energy of your intention, which you have just created.

* Swiftly move your hand up to the sky and release your intention to: God/the Universe/ your higher self, what ever your belief system is. Knowing that this or something better is in process right now!

I tell you this is a powerful exercise. It is a body learning, which takes setting your intention to a whole new level. Do it for 30 days straight and watch the miracles manifest in your life.  Enjoy!

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Remember To Be Gentle With Yourself!


Robin Hart

President & Founder

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