A Wealth of Success

selfHealingA Wealth of Success

Ellen was a high level administrator. Her career was in municipal government. She spent seven years as Town Administrator and really enjoyed the challenges and rewards that came with it. The opportunity came to move to a warmer part of the country and so she accepted a job as a City Planner. Another high level – high stress job! She made a lot of money, had a great house and enjoyable lifestyle.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it or dose it? However, one morning she woke up and couldn’t move her jaw. Bell ’s palsy had set in. The stress was attacking her body. She knew she had to listen to it and get out of this pressure cooker environment. She opted for early retirement. However in the challenging economy, her pension would not afford her the luxury of not working for very long.

Over the years, she had developed a keen interest in natural healing. She completed many levels of Healing Touch. As part of a healing group, she started to give and receive treatments every week. This self-care helped her to heal from the inside out. Soon her stress was just a bad memory. She was enjoying helping people and seeing their health improve. The idea came to her to start her own healing practice, and she decided to pursue it as a business.

There are several groups in her community where women business owners and entrepreneurs meet and share stories, tips and give support. In this rich environment, Ellen thrived. As did her business. Women’s wealth is more than just money; it is a combination of other riches, such as feeling needed, making the world a better place, and feeling genuinely valuable.

I have worked with many women just like Ellen in my practice over the years. Most of them came to me with a high level of anxiety and stress, which as affecting their health as well. They had conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, both very debilitating conditions. What I have found is they tend to be type A personalities (very driven) and have a need to feel in control. As we worked together we discovered the root cause of their issue. They each had a past history that drove them to that behavior. Utilizing the techniques of Gentle Hypnotherapy, NLP & Rapid Eye Technology they shifted emotionally  as well as physically. We have a tendency to think that the different aspect of ourselves (body, mind & spirit) are separate, but they are all connected. We must treat the whole person!

This life is a journey of self discovery. We all have our story and unique journeys. Don’t give up, there are wonderful tools out there to help you discover what your underline cause is. The key to REAL HEALING is in your subconscious. It may seem scary to you if you haven’t done this type of work, but it is the fear of the unknown that is scary. The processes themselves are actually fun and fascinating. I would be honor to do a free consultation with you or a loved one via phone or Skype.

Is it time for you to heal? You have gifts and talents within just waiting to be expressed and just like Ellen you too will look years younger, exude a calm peaceful energy and glow from within again. It’s time to feel better and bring joy back into your life. Lets bring out your successful woman, as you come into harmony with yourself and your world!

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Remember To Be Gentle With Yourself!


Robin Hart

President & Founder

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