Suited Souls


Suited Souls

Is there really someone out there that is made ‘just for you’?  The idea of suited souls, twin souls, shared souls, or soul mates is an attractive one and is especially loved by the media. Romantic love sells. Greek philosophers and writers brought this concept to light thousands of years ago. But does it really exist?

This idea suggests that there is ‘the other half’ of us out there, and all we need to do is find it. Then we will have profound relationships based on lifelong (or many lives!) bonds. We will be complete.

So how do we attract this Perfect mate? An important step is to identify any false beliefs that keep you from truly being open to love, and then release them. This alone can be very empowering. Get to really know yourself. Learn about what you like and dislike and investigate who you really are. Express your individuality and be authentic in all your relationships. Bring the real you to light.

There are many ways to meet new people including internet match making sites, blind dates, and introductions from friends. Women love to support each other in matters of love! Try something new, do things that interest you, take classes or join clubs with like minded people. Pursuing your special interests will attract kindred spirits into your life. Activate your magnetism and attract the love of your life! Just as importantly, you will make some fabulous new friends.

We all have a need to love and be loved. We look to relationships to fulfill these needs. But it can be more empowering to look inside and give that love to ourselves. Spending more time on self-care instead of looking outside for happiness will give us a wonderful nurturing relationship – with ourselves. The TRUTH is the more connected to who we REALLY are and learning to LOVE ourselves is key to attracting REAL LOVE! Trust me I know! This was my journey. I was looking for love in all the wrong places (outside of myself). My wise mother would tell me “you must be comfortable with yourself and your own best friend in order to find REAL love.” This is so TRUE, plus it feels sooo good to REALLY like who you are. It takes practice and time discovering how to enjoy and appreciate ourselves. From this place we exude attraction!

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Remember To Be Gentle With Yourself!


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