Laughing At Our Limitations

Laughing At Our Limitations

Laughing At Our Limitations

One of the best therapies for almost everything that ails us is very simple. It’s Laughter medicine!

We can’t worry or feel stress while we are chortling away. We actually slip out of our conscious minds when we laugh. And when we finish, we feel positive, rested and happy. Laughter keeps us completely in the present. Best of all, Laughter medicine doesn’t taste bad.

The health benefits of Laughter are many. Physically it boosts our immunities, relaxes our body and decreases pain.

Mentally we are happier when we have laughter in our daily life. We feel less stress and anxiety. And we are in a better mood, which pleases everyone around us too.

Since emotionally we are calmer and more positive, other people are attracted to us. Our relationships are stronger both at home and in the workplace.

There are several techniques to laugh away stress. An especially enjoyable way is to join a laughter yoga class. The participants keep eye contact while laughing. At first the laughter may be forced, but it very soon becomes authentic. It is contagious so it rapidly builds in intensity. Soon the whole room is cackling. Laughter Meditation is similar. Whether you join a group or meditate alone, all you really need to do is get comfortable and start laughing. Fake it at first if you need to.  Before you know it you will be chuckling away and the release and feeling of joy will replace any stress or negativity you felt before.

  • Find a safe place 
  • Think of something funny
  • Start with a forced laugh if you need to
  • Pretend you are holding an imaginary cell phone begin talking into it and laugh
  • Create a fake a smile and giggle, then laugh slowly and gradually increase in tempo and volume.
  • Spread your arms up and create a hearty laugh by looking up.
  • Laugh from your heart, feel the love in your heart and start laughing.
  • Think of a socially awkward or embracing situation and laugh at it (e.g. toilet paper stuck on someone shoe… etc.)

There are many funny things happening all around us. A great conversation starter is to ask someone what the funniest thing they’ve seen or heard recently was. You can watch a comedy, do something silly, read a funny book. Playing with children and pets always instigates laughter.

What could be more fun than laughing?

“A day without laughter is a day wasted”  Charlie Chaplin

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Remember To Be Gentle With Yourself!


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