De-cluttered Desk Equals Happiness!

De-Clutter your desk


They say a cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind. I know I feel better when I have my home office and desk arranged in an orderly efficient manner.

Making time to de-clutter is a good thing to place high on your priority list. Organization is a great use of your time now, to save time later!

Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Sort out the things that you use daily, weekly and hardly ever.
  2. Place the daily use things in the most convenient location, put away the weekly ones and store or discard the items you hardly ever use.
  3. If you have a desk with drawers – use them. Don’t let them become junk drawers; use them to put things that you need to access easily and often.
  4. A filing cabinet can be a wonderful way to keep your papers in order. When you have a place to file each paper it is more likely that you will do it, rather than leaving them in a stack on your desk.
  5. Don’t use post-its and little pieces of paper to jot down notes. Organize your thoughts in a notebook or steno pad.
  6. Containers are a great help. All of the things you have yet to do can be placed in an ‘Inbox’, and the ones that you are still working on can be in an ‘Outbox’.
  7. Try to handle all your papers only once. That means when you are finished with a sheet, file it or discard it. Don’t leave it lying on your desk.
  8. Buy some flowers for your home office. Make your desk an attractive place to sit at. You will find you want to keep it neat.

Organization is a great gift to give to yourself.  Instead of feeling frustrated or trying to avoid entering your office, you will think of it as a pleasant place to be.  And this will free you up to do the things that are really important to you.

Organize Your Mail






Here are some ideas for organizing your mail from our wonderful instructor Suzie Sandoval of OrganiZen :


1. Grab your supplies: Post It Note, Tape, Sharpie
2. Grab your pile of mail
3. Grab your first piece of mail and ask yourself, what is the next action step needed? Once you decide on what that action is, it then become your category.

For Example: Some categories are:
4. Write each category on a post it note and create a space for the items in the category.
5. Decide which space would best accommodate this system. Wall spaces are ideal with hanging vertical sorting organizing products.
6. Monitor how this systems is working for you each time you sort your mail. You may need to add or change your categories but you can continue to personalize it as you find necessary.

I hope this helps motivate, inspire and encourage you to discover new ways to simplify your life, reduce unnecessary stress, and add more clarity and peace into your spaces.

If you have organizing questions or needs, please be sure to contact Suzie at OrganiZen. It is her  joy and passion to help you remove what is no longer needed or desired in your life. Creating spaces that you love!

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Remember To Be Gentle With Yourself!


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