Are You A Wonder Woman?


Inspired Woman

Are you a Wonder Woman?

In today’s society, whether we want to or not, we are expected to be wonder women. We have responsibilities to ourselves, our families, our careers and our homes, among numerous other things constantly vying for our attention.

How do we find time to go to little Johnny’s soccer game, make Susie’s tutu for her dance recital, prepare a fabulous healthy meal, be an engaging partner, finish the work project that is due tomorrow, and still have time to fit in a yoga class?

Being a wonder woman means we must be productive.  In order to accomplish all the things that are important to us, we need to find ways to make it easier to fulfill them.

There are several things we can do to help ourselves. One is remembering that we are not alone. We are surrounded by many other wonder women! We are successful women in community and as such we can aid each other by offering support, ideas and accountability. When we surround ourselves with other intelligent and interesting women, we feel encouraged, excited about life, and this gives us more energy.

By being conscious at all times of our own personal well-being and by maintaining good health, we are more equipped to handle our workloads, both personal and professional.

With the help of our ‘sisters’ we can do it all!

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Remember To Be Gentle With Yourself!


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