She is Amazing!

Amazing Woman

She is Amazing!

The biggest reward in my lifework is the feeling that I am making a difference in someones life, supporting them on their journey to become all that they can be.

I recently received a lovely letter from a client about her life changes. It filled my heart, and so I would like to share it with you here.

“Robin Thank you so much for helping me change my life! I was in a state where I felt unfulfilled in my marriage and my health was suffering.  I was depleted and disconnected spiritually. I really needed help.

I started Skills for Life coaching with Robin Hart. She used the subconscious mind processes where I made changes at a deep level. This has really changed my life. I have learned so much about myself and have made changes at a core level that I never thought was really possible.

My whole life has improved. I feel empowered and in control. I have a whole new perspective on my life and on who I am. I have created balance in my life and have discovered how to set healthy boundaries and not feel guilty about it. Now I have techniques that I can practice in my daily life that keep me feeling centered and in control of my feelings and my life. I am so happy!

I have tried traditional therapy over the years, but there was always something missing. I knew what I needed to do, but it just felt too overwhelming. I see now that I hadn’t healed my subconscious beliefs about my life and myself and that I needed help doing so. Actually I didn’t even know what was really running my actions until I did this work. Wow, it was eye opening and transformational! I really have learned to be my own best friend and appreciate myself. I am sleeping well and feel relaxed and centered as I take care of all I need to take care of in my daily life.

The quality of my life has definitely changed. One big difference is that I take care of myself and make “ME” time and this feels like love. Everyone in my family benefits from these changes and for this I am so grateful. Thank you!“


This woman is AMAZING! Look how far she has come! With her willingness and openness to change, she has moved forward in her life with incredible enthusiasm and grace!

She is one of the many amazing women that I am blessed to have in my life. Success stories such as hers reflect how people can move from feeling completely stuck and go on to become healthy, wealthy and wise women. And knowing that a person is happier because of incorporating my methods into their lives makes me very happy indeed.

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Remember To Be Gentle With Yourself!


Robin Hart

President & Founder

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