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I always found color theory interesting in school. It always amazed me how you could mix the primary colors of red & blue and make purple or blue & yellow and get green or yellow & red to make orange. Then you have the secondary colors, which are the colors in between the primary colors and complementary colors, which are opposing colors on the color wheel.

As a color specialist (back in my old life) when a client had played with home hair color and came to me to correct it, the complementary colors were the answer. Red would cancel out green etc. It’s amazing how hair color affects your skin color and your image. Just the other day I colored my mothers hair blonde from pure white. She was tired of people treating her like an old woman. Wow, now she looks 20 years younger and people are treating her differently already. Her white hair was beautiful, but she didn’t like how she was treated and was ready for a change. She is stunning blonde!

Color wheel with healing description


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Color affects all of us more than we realize. There isn’t an aspect of our life that isn’t touched by color (even if you can’t see or are colorblind). Did you know color has energy? Everything is energy. Our body mind and spirit are energy as well. We respond to color and energy emotionally, and even our emotions are energy. We now have scientific evidence of this. Joy is a high vibration and vibrates at a fast frequency while depression is a low frequency and vibrates at a very slow frequency (you can feel the difference between these vibrations in your body). The unit of measurement for frequency is hertz (Hz); Joy is about (60 Hz) and Depression (6.66 Hz).

So even a blind person or shall I say especially a blind person can feel energy. When a person isn’t able to use one of their senses then they develop other “heightened” senses. Color permeates what we see, feel and even our language, culture and health. We even use color to describe our mood. I’m feeling blue, for instance. Restaurants and stores use color to stimulate an appetite or for us to desire to purchase. This is all subconscious but fascinating!

Instinctively you will be attracted to certain colors that help balance you. A person that needs or enjoys the feeling of being calm will be drawn to blues and greens while someone who needs or enjoys the feeling of energy will be drawn to reds and oranges. Colors can be used to alter our mood and attitude, but did you know it is also used in healing as well (physical & mental)? Color has the power to sedate, energize or frustrate. There is a whole science of color psychology which is fascinating. Click here to see video.

Eastern cultures use color and how is corresponds with the energy or emotional centers within the body, I find this fascinating. They call them chakras, which is a noun and the word Chakra comes from an ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit; chakra means vortex, spinning wheel or circle. The belief in chakras started in India, and is utilized in Ayurvedic Medicine, the earliest records of which date from around 2500 B.C.

Our chakras correlate with different areas of health and well being. Imagine energy centers (chakras) as circles of energy, flowing through your entire body. These circles of energy assist in the running of our body, mind and soul. Medical doctors are just now becoming aware of how we are more than just a physical body, and that we must address the mental and emotional bodies as well. If an energy center (chakra) is not performing correctly, it could affect our health, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. We are body mind and spirit. I’m discussing the philosophy of chakras because it is a good way to understand color, energy and how these affect your over all health.

Here are color descriptions from:

RED – Activates, vitalizes, intensifies, releases blocked energy, produces collagen-It is the longest wavelength and penetrates the deepest. It is used for rheumatics; arthritic pain; liver stimulant; LBP; pigmentation; stretch marks and circulation. 650-780nm – root chakra

ORANGE – It restores, animates, warms, stimulates, works more gently than red, building up energy step by step, unlocks deadlocked processes, cheers up. Those who love orange are said to be extroverts who often love cooking and are often creative. It helps puffy skin; spleen; hernia; muscle prolapse; sinus; It represents the spleen, gut energy center and eating. 570-650nm – sacral chakra

YELLOW – It fortifies, tones, opens, brightens, stimulates without exciting, extends energy, reinforces weak processes, loosens overly rigid structures, strengthens the nerves; stimulates connective tissue; eczema; flatulence; lymph drainage; skin troubles; nervous exhaustion. It represents the central nervous system 510-700nm – solar plexus chakra.

GREEN – It Equalizes, relaxes, calms down, keeps physical and mental energy dynamically balanced, releases tensed-up, painful processes, brings profound serenity. Recent studies have shown it to be good for acne lesions. It helps heart problems; HBP; burns; cuts; bruises; pigmentation 475-510nm – heart chakra.

Blue – It reduces inflammation (as in acne). Recent studies into the use of blue light suggests that it may be useful in preventing or controlling suggests that it may be useful in preventing or controlling periodontal conditions, which can result in the loss of bone and teeth It has also been discovered that blue produces restful sleep. Insomnia; sunburn; toothache; rashes; laryngitis; It also soothes, focuses, cools down, collects and structures energy, re-regulates hyperactive, inflammatory and derailing processes, brings serenity and clarity. 445-475nm – throat chakra

INDIGO – Raises concentration; detoxing and cooling; It strengthens lymphatic’s; muscle toning; reduces bleeding; astringent; has high level of vibration; is known for its effect on eyes, ear, nose, throat and sinuses; lungs; migraine; sinuses. 400-445nm – brow chakra.

Violet – It inspires, attenuates, transforms energy on a higher level, supports mental processes, relaxes the nerves, soothes nervous irritations and relieves pain. It aids HBP; acne blemishes; lymph drainage; neuralgia; muscle relaxer; rheumatics; rosacea; sciatica; anti-inflammatory.

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Color Therapy Glasses

Color Therapy Glasses simply use color to heal. Each color vibrates at a specific frequency which corresponds to a particular area of the body. The body works hard to maintain balance. When our body is out of balance we become ill because the body is not functioning at its proper frequencies. A powerful key to healing is to bring the body back into balance. This can be accomplished using color therapy glasses to stimulate the areas of the body which need to be brought back into balance. To learn more about these glasses click here.

Monthly Birthstone Colors:

January – deep red

February – purple

March – pale blue

April – white

May – green

June – white or purple

July – red

August – pale green

September – deep blue

October – pink

November – yellow

December – blue

So whether you use birthstones to see what color and stone you are born under or you use the chakra system, keep in mind they are just tools and your intuition is the best gauge of what you need at any given time. These tools are informative and can be a lot of fun. Enjoy playing with color!

Aesthetic Science of Color video

Berkeley Color Project Science

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