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Hello Exquisite Women,

Here we are in December already. We have gone through the whole year of LOVELY seasons. I love Oregon because it is so beautiful as the seasons change. I don’t know about you but this year I have gone through a lot of changes and they haven’t all been easy. I can say I am very BLESSED! I invite you to look back on the year and find the areas where you grew, even those areas where you were forced to grow. What have been the seasons (Learnings) of your soul for the year? I have found when we reframe our experiences into “what I have learned” statements then we choose to be empowered by the experiences and not victimized by them.

December 21, 2012 is just a day away and I choose to embrace the POSSIBILITIES of NEW BEGINNINGS. I want to invite you to take a little time and go into silence to contemplate and reflect on what the gifts of 2012 were for you, then set your intention on what you are CREATING for December 21 and beyond.

  • I believe it is an opportunity for creating a shift in our consciousness from fear to LOVE.
  • I believe we are all tired of the old fearful way of thinking. 
  • I believe where two or more are gathered in positive intention miracles can happen.

We may all have different belief systems, so I invite you to find a practice that feels right for you whether it be prayer, meditation, affirmations, etc. Your thoughts and intentions are more powerful than you realize. They affect your view of the world and yourself, so set the tone for what you intend to create in your life. We have free will and our thoughts and beliefs are affecting our experience of our life. It isn’t random so take the time to TAKE LOVING CARE of your mind and heart.

When you sit in silence ask your deeper mind/self what is my theme for the year? Listen for a word or theme… such as; JOY… EMPOWERMENT… FUN… ABUNDANCE… INTUITION…
Listen, feel and see what bubbles up into your awareness and enjoy!

Exciting News: Coming soon a free series of tele-seminars from our instructors at National Women’s Holistic Lifestyle Institute on our new “Mastering The Art Of Exquisite Self-Care” program! We are very excited to inspire & empower you, as we introduce the pre-launch of our wonderful women’s programs. Happy December 21, 2012!

Robin Hart

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