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Hi Exquisite Women!

I want to let you know about a special offer I am running until December 31st for my Private Session Program. You get to choose from my menu of Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, RET or Spiritual Counseling. When you purchase a package of 12 hours (6-8 sessions) you will receive a FREE Voyager Galaxy™ Subconscious Learning Machine valued at $254.00. The Galaxy™ is an advanced Light & Sound Relaxation System. If you would enjoy a tool to assist you in letting go, so you can completely relax absolutely effortlessly, you’ll want to take advantage of this special holiday offer.

To learn more about my private sessions go to the services page. If you’re only interested in the Voyager  Galaxy™ then go to this link.

Whether you purchase the Private Session Program or decide to just get the Voyager Galaxy™ they both make wonderful Holiday gifts. This is a gift that can change someone’s life!

 The Voyager  Galaxy™  is a Light and Sound Machine. It has 30 pre-set sessions. It is a computer that balances the right/left brain, which is designed to promote  serotonin,  endorphins and dopamine hormones, the happy hormones. The  Voyager  Galaxy™ Light and Sound Machines are specialized computers which produce flashing lights and pulsing binaural audio beats at very specific frequencies and tones. This machine is a powerful tool for enhances happiness, personal growth and accelerated learning. It can be used alone while listening to the binaural tones or along with music, affirmation, meditation or hypnosis  CD’s, MP3’s, or even Apple & Google apps. It will help to deepen the relaxation process and move you through Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave frequencies in order to assist you in relaxing and accelerate learning. It can also be used to create energy, motivation, enhance memory and stimulate creativity. This is an amazing subconscious learning tool. Be sure to visit our full CD and MP3 line at Anew Perspective.

Imagine, at the press of a button, experiencing a laser light show or soaring into flights of fantasy any time you want! You simply find a quiet place to sit or lie down, then select a pre-set session of scientifically designed sequences (relax, learning, energizing, etc.) of pulsing light and sound frequencies to access different states of mind.It can also be used with the meditation or hypnosis cd’s/mp3’s. You can relax anywhere; it is great unwinding your mind, especially when your mind won’t turn off naturally. It’s healthier and safer than using medication. Turn on, tune in, drop out, naturally!

The programmed sessions are developed by: Frank Young, Ph.D., Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D. and Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.






Beneficial Uses:

Deep Relaxation
Creative Visualization
Accelerated Learning
Increasing Motivational Levels
Relief from Jet-Lag
Overall Stress Relief
Still the Mind
Focus the Mind
Great for Study
Control Pain
Alleviate Addictions
much more…

The built in library of sessions includes these features:

30 pre-set programs
Full light/sound capability
Adjustable light intensity, sound pitch and volume
Start and pause buttons
External audio input
Sleek, contemporary design
Compact, portable, and easy to use
Stereo sound with adjustable pitch
Powered by three AA batteries (over 50 hours of battery life)
Instruction manuel
Carrying case
Full one-year warranty

I hope you take advantage of this special offer and enjoy the information. If you have any questions feel free to email or book your free consultation.

Enjoy, and “Remember To Be Gentle With Yourself!”


Robin Hart

Click link for your free consultation with Robin Hart. If you are in the Portland Oregon, Beaverton Oregon or Hillsboro Oregon area, you can have an in office  consultation/appointment. If you are further away then we are happy to set up a Skype of phone session.  Call: 503-317-8700 or 877-209-2104 and leave a message.


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