Hello Exquisite Women!
I know life can be challenging and it’s easy to forget who you TRULY are! Please just take this moment to STOP everything… take a deep b-r-e-a-t-h and allow yourself to settle into your heart… If you can just quite down for a few minutes, you can begin to feel your heartbeat. Tune into this miracle… Your heart is beating without you even thinking about it. Move into the feeling of gratitude. Begin to think about someone or something you are grateful for.

My mentor once told me that there was a time when she seriously contemplated suicide. She said that her hair literally saved her life. When she was feeling hopeless she thought to herself “what do I have to live for”, and realized she was grateful that she had beautiful hair.  This feeling of gratitude was enough to shift her perception. She went on to become an incredible teacher and mentor who has touched many, many lives and mine is one of them. I would not be the teacher and mentor I am today if it wasn’t for her, and her blessing of having beautiful hair. Isn’t it amazing that something so simple could have such a ripple effect in so many peoples’ lives!

Take a moment and move into gratitude and remember the MIRACLE that you are. This will align you with the feeling of LOVE.  Your very existence makes a difference!
YOU make a difference in my life!
Thank you!

Robin Hart

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