What Is Your Body Telling You?

Do You Listen to your body?

I never heard that concept until several years ago. But I soon realized that my body has been trying to communicate with me for years; I just didn’t recognize its signals! My jaw has been tight for years, and my shoulders as tight as a drum. I had no idea why my body was reacting this way, so like most people I just took ibuprofen and ignored it.

Well, through the study of the subconscious mind I discovered that we have a strong body-mind connection. Our subconscious actually knows information before our conscious mind does. Isn’t that amazing! The body will create signals through discomfort… then twinges… and then PAIN! It knocks and knocks and then actually pounds to get our attention. If we keep ignoring it, it will eventually turn from a disorder to a disease. And that’s exactly what disease is. Dis-ease in our body. This dis-ease creates inflammation. Inflammation is our body’s way of trying to protect itself.

Your body has an innate intelligence

It is amazing how our immune system is always striving to support and protect us. But we must participate in this process. We must become aware and tune into it, to see what it is trying to tell us. Is it nutritional? Is it exercise? Is it emotional? Is it spiritual? What does it need? We must consciously participate in the healing process. It’s true that we are what we eat, we are also what we think. In this fast paced life it is hard to eat healthy. You have to become conscious and schedule time to shop for the foods that are full of fiber, vitamins & nutrients.

My mother always said: “you must eat living foods, foods full of enzymes and life force in order to feed your body”. Well, she’s a wise woman! I too am striving to eat nutritionally and exercise daily, and it’s not easy! I can’t believe I’m going to be 55 in January! That’s a senior citizen, that’s crazy! Time has just FLOWN by. Luckily I don’t feel it or look it (so I’m told). But, I do realize I’m not getting any younger and I better take good care of this precious body that houses my soul. I know I’m not alone. I see this issue day after day in private practice as a life coach and counselor. The key is conscious living, becoming aware of our mind-body connection. I teach this concept of conscious living to my clients and have seen huge shifts in their well-being, from weight loss, increased energy, mental clarity to sound sleep.  It really is a daily spiritual practice to TRUELY become aware of ourselves, and become totally present on this journey we call life. It is my honor to support and empower you to take Exquisite Self-Care of yourself.

New Beginnings

So what I am proposing is that together we start listening more closely to our bodies and fuel our bodies appropriately, along with proper movement. As we oxygenate our body, our mind becomes oxygenated  and our thinking becomes more clear. Sounds pretty darn good to me, sign me up!

Enjoy your journey, and remember to be gentle with yourself!


Robin Hart




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