Are You Depleted?

Our vision at Take Loving Care is to support and empower women to love & nurture themselves.

By offering information and resources  to create exquisite self care.

So many women are running on empty, we are depleted. We tend to give to our families,

our friends, our careers, our community… and then we have nothing left for ourselves.

We deplete ourselves by…

~ Overcommitting ourselves

~ Worring about everything

~ Putting everyone & everything else first

~ Impulsively saying “yes” even when we want to say no

~ Believing we have to do it or it won’t get done

~ Not getting enough sleep, staying up late & getting up early

~ Putting off eating right or exercising

~ Not making time to nurture ourselves with a massage, relaxing bath, reading  or enjoying friends

Does this sound familiar? Now, I know this is an extreme case of not “Taking Loving Care” of yourself  and you may not be out of balance to this level. But what I have found is we can all use or would even enjoy resources that support us as women in “Taking Loving Care” of ourselves.


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