What Gets Under Your Skin?

Can you let go of the little things that bother you throughout the day? All those small injustices you may feel? What happens if you don’t? Pretty soon the little things become big things. Many times we’re hurting ourselves more than the other person by holding onto our anger. Anxiety sets in, then maybe depression.

Ask yourself if whatever upset you will really matter next week, next month or next year. Then let it go. Break the cycle. Using our deep relaxation meditation hypnosis CD can shift your thoughts & feelings. Regular exercise will simulate your endorphin’s. be sure you get a good nights sleep, if you need help try our Sleep Deeply CD. Pick up one of my Light and Sound Machines to make your experience even better! Think of all those good things you have to be grateful for. Pretty soon you will wonder why you let that little thing bother you anyway!

Try this, keep your head straight and raise your eyes
up toward the sky. You will activate the pineal gland and release endorphin’s. Which will create a since of joy!

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